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Indoor Hydroponically Grown Microgreens Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Grow The World You Desire

Here's How We're Doing It

  • Locally Sourced

    Locally and sustainably  grown microgreens, from Loveland, CO. 

  • Hell No GMO

    At Seed & Leaf We ONLY Buy Non-GMO, Organic Seeds For All of Our Microgreens.

  • No Single-Use Plastic

    It's Estimated That By 2050 There Will Be More Plastic In Ocean, than fish. All Of Our Packaging Is 100% Biodegradable (even the labels and adhesive).

  • Latest In LED Technology

    To help reduce our energy usage, and to create the ideal growing environment, we rely on the latest in LED grow light technology.

  • N0 Pesticides or Herbicides 

    By Growing Indoors, We Can Produce The Highest Quality Microgreens, Without EVER Using A Drop of Dangerous Pesticides or Herbicides.

  • Up To 90% Less Water Usage

    We Can Produce The Same Amount Of Produce While Using Up To 90% Less Water Than Soil.




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Meet The Farmers

The Team Behind The Microgreens


Founder/Head Farmer

Jared built his first indoor hydroponic garden in 2012 in his garage in Austin, TX. His passion for growing food spiraled out from there, leading  to the founding of Seed & Leaf that very same year.



Alyssa and Jared met in 2015 and after her first introduction to indoor farming, she was hooked. She was the driving force for the opening of the Seed & Leaf's Loveland, CO indoor Microgreens Farm.

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